Saturday, April 4, 2009

Silly Poetry

I don't write poetry.

However, it seems that people who do are having so much fun, maybe I should.

It all started with this contest that specifically asked participants to write a bad poem.

Why not? If I lose, I failed at being bad. If I win, I get some money and a chuckle. Works for me.

April is National Poetry Month. This blog is having a Poem-A-Day challenge, so I thought (again) why not?

Somewhere in my reading about writing, I learned that all kinds of writers could benefit from studying poetry. After all, it is ALL about feeling-- all about "Showing, not telling"-- that rule that I have to repeat over and over when I start getting wordy.

I'm not off to a great start. I've finished the poems, but they are short and off the cuff, and I'm not editing them at all. My rationale is-- at least it gets me writing and thinking about writing. In other words, it's a good warm up. Maybe I'll even surprise myself and learn something. (Many of the other poems are really good, so it's a fun distraction.)

We'll see...

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