Saturday, September 5, 2009

You're not the Boss of Me!

...and neither am I, apparently.

I started the week with a fairly detailed and, I thought, achievable, schedule for my writing projects. I needed to give it more of a "work" feel-- I used spreadsheets, I utilized my Outlook calendar, I even dressed for the office (ok, that's a lie, I don't leave the house in my home office clothes, unless it's to the gym).

Monday was pretty productive. I started early and ended my work day completing most of my 'inbox' for the day. That way, I didn't feel like much of a slacker when Shari stopped by to enjoy a beer on the back patio. I had resisted the urge to meet her to go shopping first, SO I COULD FINISH SOME WORK. I was very proud of myself.

Tuesday started out doubtful. I had a little trouble waking up, so I hit hubby's newest craigslist find, the treadmill. I knew I was in for a rough day when I struggled to "run" a mile. After my shower, I got right to work. Well, after some breakfast. Oh, and after doing some edits on Paula's proof-- I need editing practice, it's just not my editing. But she shouldn't have to wait to get her proof back, she's already finished her novel. Besides, hearing just a chapter at a time in our writing group is driving me nuts-- I want to know what happens to Revis and Toby and the rest of the Kirkland ranch folks...

I finally got some momentum going when it was time to go to my book discussion group and then to my belly dance class. Well, there's always tomorrow...

By Wednesday, my projects were in Code Red status. I really needed to catch up. There used to be a time when I could get tons of work done in a given day. (Didn't I?) A lot of times, I didn't even feel like doing it, but I did it! I really do love writing, so what was the problem? I tried to figure out why I spend time doing things I hate. I thought about it while I did the laundry, I pondered it when I vacuumed up cat hair, I contemplated it while I washed the dishes... Hey! I really don't like that stuff (maybe that's why there was so much of it to do). I finally stopped all of the domestic goddess nonsense and got to work. Whew! I submitted an essay!! Five days before the deadline! Hooray!

Unfortunately, that was only one of the six things I wanted to accomplish BY Wednesday. My inbox was stacking up ridiculously high.

That really bummed me out on Thursday. Short bursts of energy were followed with bouts of despair as I realized, at the rate I was going (about as fast as paying off a maxed out credit card by only sending the minimum every month), I would miss all of my (mostly self imposed) deadlines.

On Friday, I took a substitute teaching job as proof to myself that I could accomplish something. Oh, and to remind myself, when they took me from "hall monitor" duty to teach a math class, that I COULD HAVE BEEN WRITING!

So, it's Saturday, and I've plugged away on a few things today. I wrote a quickie review on the book that delayed some of my writing last week,Bitter is the New Black.I've made some notes on other projects, and I may get some more done yet tonight. But inbox is still pretty full.

And I have no one to blame but myself. The person looking over my shoulder, handing me challenges that I'm capable of-- the person who will allow me to "move up" isn't behind a big office door; she's right here, the little voice in my head. I know I need to listen to her when she says things like close the Facebook window and get back to work; you have already seen every episode of Law & Order, don't waste your time; and you've already eaten lunch... TWICE-- Sit Down!

Well, I believe this post will sufficiently shame me into being a more efficient writer-- it's a "warning" to myself, in a way. If this behavior continues, I will have no choice but enforce an unrelenting punishment-- something like accepting a kindergarten sub job in the middle of cold/flu season-- No, Billy, I don't want to see what you found in your nose...

Gotta go. Have much writing to do!

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